Thursday, October 9, 2008

Food, Glorious Food!

Ok-be prepared for a huge amount of photos since I am a "foodie" and I am so excited to share. Plus I have SO much free time on my hands now {see post above-}

First if you ever go to Lisbon a MUST is to the Belem Pastry House.

There were hundreds of people waiting in line and seated, eating these yummy pastries with tiny cups of coffee {we passed on the coffee}.

These taste as yummy as they look, kind of a cross between creme brulee with a crusty bottom. Yummmm.
Honest to gosh, these pastry shops are on EVERY street. People go in, buy a couple of pastries and have a tiny cup of coffee with them. We went to this one twice-it was in Sintra.

The bread is fantastic too-chewy and crusty....{we obviously didn't stick to our diet}

I have to post photos of the buffet in the hotel. After church on Sunday, we just ate here. We were the only ones there so we pretty much had a private tour.

My new favorite salad-look on the bottom-beets and oranges. YUMMMM. Hey kids, it's going to be on the Thanksgiving Day menu {and probably Christmas too}

My new best friends, the chefs, trained in France, just waiting to grill our selected meats.
This one is for Jess....

An array of desserts, one of each please!

They eat lots of fish......This is the before picture, you choose what you want....

The after fresh!

Dinner is alive and kicking!

And if you get sick of Portuguese food, there's always Hard Rock Cafe for some good ol' food USA style....Tastes just like home!

The national dish of Madeira-fried espada.......Pronounced "eshpada." The Porguguese eat boiled potatoes with salt, no sauce, nada.....boiled. This is the "eshpada" before picture.

The after.......long, black, scary....

AAHHHHH! How would you like to wake up next to that every day?

A favorite meal in Funchal.......A side walk playing, cool breezes blowing. We made a lovely memory this day....
Yummy salad, kind of like a waldorf salad, apples, walnuts....mayo...

National soup of Madeira.....veggies, golden color.....very bland but yummy with some salt.
Fried codfish on sweet potato bread. The codfish I could pass on, but that bread was YUMMY!
Oky-doky {our tour guide said this all the time!} That's probably enough of a food tour today. Suffice to say-it was fun-but we were glad to get home. Because Europeans don't like:
The first thing I did in Newark was to go to a restaurant and ask for a BIG cup of ice to go with my water............yummy.


John Taylor Family said...

They didn't have ice when we went to Scotland and England...different!

I love how their buffet looks nice...not a much of food slapped into a container :)

Allyson said...

oh man, YUMMY.....although I'm not a fish person, but wow, looks like you ate good!

Kassi Jane said...

o my gosh that just made me so hungry!

JustRandi said...

I'm having so much fun looking through your pictures and reminiscing about our trip.
The one thing I had heard about for 22 years was the Portuguese food. Particularly the Belem Pastries. I thought there was NO WAY they could be as good as they had been described over the years. But oh my heck they were.
Did you eat yours with the cinnamon and sugar?

Thanks for the fun memories!!