Sunday, October 5, 2008


Did I mention how much I hate to come home from trips?
Part of my trip anxiety stems from the fact that coming home is the pits.
The trip was lovely, fantastic, incredible.
I was awake for 24 hours straight on Friday.
The flying time alone was 12 1/2 hours.
We have an opportunity to go to Australia next year.
I'm not doing it.
Flying for 18 hours straight is not my idea of fun.
I have enough blogging material to bore everyone for about a month.
I took 575 photos.
Which I have now deleted to 515.
My house was lovely and clean when we walked in the door.
Now it looks like a tornado hit.
The laundry is done....yessss!
I still have at least an hour's worth of dictation to finish.
Conference was AWESOME!
My kids did fine, except they don't listen to their siblings any better than they listen to their mother.
My body is still on a very weird time clock.
I wake up at 3 AM every day.
Then fall asleep at 5 AM and get up an hour later feeling like a zombie.
We slept til 8-9 AM every day on our trip.......woah!
I still have to face the bill paying and the Spanish test I missed.
I promise I'll post some photos


John Taylor Family said...

Welcome back! I remember that long flight...we flew for 13 hours to Scotland from NY. I cant remember how long it was to NY...but long enough !!

McEwens said...

Welcome home!!! cant wait to see pictures! I get it, when we flew to India I was so tired of just sitting there

Kassi Jane said...

take your time to get situated.... cant wait to see pictures though

Michelle Aguilar said...

Oh what beautiful photos marilyn. You look even skinner. You look great! Trust Me. I need your diet or meal plan. Ok, well I hope you get your time back on track and ge some rest!
take care