Monday, October 13, 2008


We have kind of a goofy tradition whenever we travel....If we are anywhere near any sort of body of water, I have to go stick my feet in the water and get a photo. This started awhile back when we were in Barcelona, Spain and I had to go out and wade into the Mediteranean was very cold!

So here's my latest water photos to add to my collection:

My feet in the Tagus River........I really didn't want to take my shoes off because the color of the water was pretty close to pea green we only had about 15 minutes to take shots of the river and Belem Tower.....but my shoes did get wet!
My feet in the Atlantic....well, sort of. We had some people behind the camera hollering about how some missionaries on their mission in the Canary Islands had gotten swept off into the ocean, so I was very was quite rough-the north side of Madeira.


Debbie said...

Cute tradtion. My mom collects sand from all the different places she has been. I love it.

Your trip sounds like soooo much fun. I've enjoyed reading about it and daydreaming about some day getting to travel too. :) thanks for sharing

Allyson said...

fun tradition!

John Taylor Family said...

What a neat tradition!

Lori said...

fun, fun, fun