Friday, May 8, 2009


I've always wanted to say that word.


(Mom-it's a combination of the words chillin' and relaxin')

But you know that if a woman of my certain age says that word,


It might just interrupt the time space continuum.
Because people my age don't say those words.
We are allowed to say words like,


Because people of my generation sort of made up that word...

But I just couldn't resist.

I am barely allowed to say the words-
Lame or lame-ish or

But that's really stretching the limits.

So actually in real life, while you are reading this post, I am actually off "chillaxin" somewhere other than the comfort of my home.
Fooled ya' huh?
Because there are really "awesome" tools like "post options" on Blogger so I can fool everybody so that they think I am slaving away on my blog every day.

Whilst I "chillax" somewhere else.



Momza said...

lol love your label "random blathering"!
enjoy your chillaxin' day!

LHammer said...

hehehe I know where you are!!!

Allyson said...

Where exactly are you CHILAXIN? I hope its somewhere with cooler weather!

Patrice said...

So, where are you chillaxin? My kids look at me funny when I say "their words" too!