Friday, May 15, 2009

Just the boringest Life Ever

Nothing noteworthy to report.
I'm fresh out of scintillating titles & fascinating posts.

Just a few random facts:

It's hot-100 degree highs for over a week-this Sunday predicted high: 105

I had a conversation with Steve last night in Spanish in front of his friends and nobody understood us. It was awesome.

If you want to spend 45 minutes listening to something amazing, go here:,7341,538,00.html.
{much food for thought}


Granny J said...

I found myself sitting in a chair staring into space yesterday. Today my brain is working a bit better...I may get something accomplished. ;)

Momza said...

We're aiming for 73o here today. How well I remember those 100o days when we lived in Phx. My eyes water just thinking about it.
Have a great random day!

Allyson said...

Well if boring doesn't mean bored--and it just means nothing in life is interesting, then I have the most Boringest life ever. Because I certainly have a HUGE-MONGOUS list of things to do, just not anything of interest!

I hate it when people talk in front of me in another language, grrrr! But it is a little funny :-)

RhondaLue said...

when someone speaks another language in front of me I always assume they're talkin' 'bout me. lol

Patrice said...

I put this on while i was mopping . . . excellent. I need all my family to see it to (at least the teenagers up).

GGMA said...

We are going to be about 72 today. By Sunday we will be over 80, so you will be many degrees warmer. Keep practicing with elder Steve. He will teach you.

Kassi Jane said...

your life isnt boring aat all!

Birrell Family said...

I believe I just met my match in the blogging world. You blog just about as much as me. This way we remember the details of each day. You have a wonderful family! Call me anytime for help. Thanks! It was a joy to meet you :) Enjoy your hibernation period!
Take care, Brenda

Alice Wills Gold said...

that is your own little language..e.very mother's dream!