Friday, May 22, 2009

Weather, you Mock me

Last year, we were braving the cold and rain to attend Bubba D's graduation. It had only been a few days since TL had been released from the hospital, so I was very stressed about having him outside in the cold and rain to watch graduation. The decision was made to hold graduation inside, for the first time in 22 years! History has repeated itself. Who would have thought we would have rainy, chilly weather at the end of May AGAIN! However, last night those brave souls did not have the luxury of attending graduation inside but toughed it out with their attendant umbrellas. I thought of you often!

Last week it was 107. My mind just cannot get around the fact that it will be 107+ again, probably within a few days. I cannot express the depth of my loathing for the hot summers here in AZ. There is just no escaping it, unless you leave the 85--- zip code! I try and try every year and bravely face the oven-like temperatures in my car, the wave of heat that envelopes me every time I open the front door, the never-ending sounds of the AC cranking away-that's all you can hear outside in the afternoon-no birds, no nothing-just AC running. I keep a stiff upper lip until about the first of August, and then I crumble. Because for most people the first of August signals the time when summer is winding down-the knowledge that there is only one more month of sizzling summer heat before the blessed respite of fall.....Not us.

For here in the desert Southwest we have summer until Halloween. Seriously. The highs continue to average in the 100s usually until mid or late October. Our little children start the first day of school fresh and new in the morning and come home red-cheeked, sweaty and exhausted. School time is supposed to be the time of fall leaves, plaid skirts and sweater-wearing in the evenings. Not here.

So it is that in August, I finally lose it. When the high is 100 at 10 pm with the low being around 90-ish at 3:00 am.....well, I'm not so brave anymore and I just want to sink down in my air conditioned bedroom and not move until it gets below 80 degrees. I try to bribe myself every year out of the summer doldrums by promising exciting things like....I can plant pumpkins the first of August! It doesn't usually work.

So it is when we have glorious 70 degree wet weather at the end of May, I want to shake my fist and shout, "Weather, You mock Me!"


Momza said...

Well two things:
We had rain for graduation last night too, but because it's Colorado, we always have our ceremony inside. BUT, I have been to an AZ. graduation ceremony in MAY, and it was so stinkin hot sitting outside in the bleachers I got sunburned! ugh.
Secondly, I don't miss those summers. I too, dreaded kids didn't even want to go outside--the pool water was like bath water--and we had to "mist" our backporch for the dog and the kids! We used to put the sprinkler under the trampoline to cool it off so the kids could even jump on it...but FIRST you had to let the hose run for awhile to prevent serious burns from the hosewater!
No, I don't miss that.
On the other hand, we did see alot more movies--the only other thing to do in the summer there to stay cool.
We rarely go to movies here, so there you have it!
Stay Cool Madwoman!

Allyson said...

I feel the exact same way. I seriously become a miserable person in the Summer. I HATE THE HEAT! In fact, I get so depressed about it that I start to dread the coming weather in February. And I want to shoot people who like it. And I don't like it when people say its cold--60's and 70's are not cold, its HEAVEN. And when I create my world, it will be 70 year around.

Sherral said...

Hear, hear!

LHammer said...

I understand your pain. I feel the same way in February when it is 20 below with windchill, and we still have 2 more months to go. Remember, cool, sweet Michigan will always be a welcome haven if you want to get away. Just bring your bug spray. Because with cooler temperatures come the mosquitos.

Patrice said...

Every door is open at my home today and it is heavenly! I was drenched this year AND last year (Mt. View's was outside)! I guess it's one time I am glad for the naturally curly hair.

GGMA said...

Hey, don't you remember the summers when you and your sisters played out on the patio all day long with no complaints. And we only had a swamp cooler.

Shauna said...

Hope you have a super weekend!
♥ HUGS ♥

RhondaLue said...

well my daughter attended graduation to watch her friends and got rained on...and then went to sunsplash grad night from 11 p-4 a.m. where they got rained on some more. they didn't mind though. I'm LOVING this weather!