Thursday, May 28, 2009

Families are Forever

In my calling in our little Spanish branch, I have seen the trials and troubles of the members of the branch, and my heart has ached for those who are suffering, either through their own bad choices or the bad choices of others. Tears have literally wet my pillow and I have anguished over how to help. So many times there is nothing I can do.

But days like last Saturday make up for the heartache and stress, for we were witnesses to the ordinance that made these families eternal.

We attended the baptism of this sweet family more than two years ago and watched their progress and set backs. Seeing the children walk in the sealing room, all dressed in white and seeing the joy in their parent's faces, was priceless!This precious sister is my counselor. We are truly sisters, even though she was born thousands of miles away and she & I speak different languages. We speak the language of the heart.

Though the words were spoken in another language, the sealing power was the same. The feeling of joy and love was the same. Truly we are blessed!

Las familias pueden ser eternas!

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Momza said...

Best day ever!

Allyson said...

How Wonderful! I love being a part of Temple ordinances. Is your Spanish becoming easier with the new calling?

Patrice said...

How wonderful to have those spiritual moment permeate your life. Those families look very happy, and it must have been a delight to be with them!

Lisa said...

What a special day! That is so neat you were able to see the whole process from start to end!

GGMA said...

That was beautiful for beautiful families.