Friday, May 1, 2009

Please Don't Hate Me Because of My Beets

I have a confession.
I love beets.
I really do.
Regular cooked beets and pickled beets.
Every time I go to a salad buffet, I load up on pickled beets.
(I wonder if I have a deficiency?) my little garden world last fall,
I decided to grow my own beets.
For just me.
Because frankly, everyone else in my family hates beets.
I have been told they taste like dirt.
(I wonder if I have a deficiency?)

I really haven't shared too much about my little patch of beets.
I guess I was afraid of the ridicule and scorn of the world,
That I actually have a patch of beets growing in my garden.
(and that I'm excited about it)
See, here are a couple of little beet sprouts hiding amongst the lettuce last fall.
(are they ashamed of the ridicule of the world too?)

So....this week I decided it was time to harvest my beet patch.

Not a great yield, but it was my first venture into beet growing.

And I decided it was time to make my very own supply of pickled beets!

So off went the beet tops and into the pot they went, to cook up and put into little jars with some vinegar and sugar and spices.

And voila....the final very own supply of pickled beets!

Now, to analyze my little project....

Did it cost me less money to grow them and pickle them myself?

Probably not.

Would it have been easier to go to the store and buy a jar of pickled beets?


But gosh darnit-it was sure fun to grow my own beets and then pickle them myself!

Take that, you swine flu......I'm prepared! I have pickled beets in my pantry!


Granny J said...

Those look wonderful...if nothing else I've always loved their color!

To be perfectly honest (that perfection thingy again) I don't know if I like beets or not. I remember being served beets for the first time in the school cafeteria and my friend saying they were nasty. I've never tried them. Well, I must go grocery shopping today so maybe that will change.

Allyson said...

I agree with Granny j....they do look pretty! Good for you, growing your own beets, easier isn't always better!

Reno said...

I like pickled beets, too. Most especially the ones that my Mother used to put up.
How about the greens? Do you eat those too? I like them also.
Ummm...must be time for breakfast.

Patrice said...

I will send my dad your way. He is alone in our family too!

Jessica said...

But they do taste like dirt.

Momza said...

Beets are the one thing I can buy and know that noone else in the family will eat but ME! Love 'em!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!those beets look great!!!!!!

Michelle Aguila said...

hey you want to trade pickled beets for eggs? Oh my, I love beets just as much as you do!
wonder what defiancy I have now also. LOL
great job you green thumb? My squash is looking great and my sunflowers. We are starting the rest here soon.
take care

Alice Wills Gold said...

You can keep ALL of your beets...unless it's the apolcolypse and then I will come and find your root cellar. :)

Omgirl said...

New reader. Love your blog!

Beet greens are delicious when sauteed with soy sauce and fresh garlic. I hope you didn't throw them away!