Saturday, May 9, 2009

How To Organize a Chest Freezer

If you are expecting a grand tutorial on how to organize a chest freezer, well...


My title should have read How to Organize a Chest Freezer?????????

Please know that I am so grateful that I have a freezer, albeit a chest freezer.
I know that they are supposed to be more energy efficient and all that stuff.
But gosh, cleaning out my chest freezer should be on the list of

Most Dreaded Jobs.

Well, I girded up my loins this last week and decided to tackle:

The pit of despair.

I took out all the baskets I had filled with chunks of frozen stuff.
I bought these baskets thinking that they were going to be an awesome way to organize everything.

The problem is that they are so heavy, it is difficult to lift them when I need something or want to put things away, and when I am in a hurry, well naturally stuff just gets thrown in there willy nilly....

So then I hacked away at the frozen tundra of ice on the sides and replaced my baskets.

Take a good look....

Because that's as good as it will ever get. Tomorrow...back to the

Pit of Despair.

Anybody out there got any better ideas?


John Taylor Family said... ideas here. I grew up with a chest freezer and it felt like we were always standing on our heads trying to find stuff.

So...when I got married we made sure we bought an upright :)


Lori said...

Looks good to me. I want a freezer so bad. Have you ever tried to NOT go to the grocery store for a couple of weeks or a month? I try to think of the money I would save. I made if for one week! I have a girl friend that is trying to do a month. I guess you would have to be super organized and have a serious menu and freezer (for milk/bread). I actually think she is going to still go to Farmer's Market for fresh fruit and veggies.

GGMA said...

Hey - Use a hair dryer and pans of warm water to defrost. It works like a charm and speeds everything up.

Patrice said...

We bought an upright too because of those very nightmares of my mom fighting her chest freezer.

LHammer said...

I had a chest freezer once too. After freezing burning too many pieces of meat,I got rid of the chest and bought a small upright. Never regretted it.

Allyson said...

I am an upright kinda girl too! Although, I hear that the Chests are better at keeping things cold.
I hope the organized, clean, freezer lasts you a good week since you spent so much time on it!