Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Getting Involved in the Se/ Life of my Plants

**NO! This is not x-rated....I typed se/ so I don't get weird perverted comments....

Hey, did you know that some plants have male and female flowers?
Things like squash and melons and cucumbers?

Yes, they do!

See, here's a cucumber plant with the little fruit at the end of the flower. It's the female flower:
And here's a melon plant with the little fruit at the end of the flower (another female):

And here's a male flower.....no fruit....
I couldn't figure out why I was getting tiny little cucumbers, and then they weren't turning into big cucumbers, so I turned to the trusty google on line and asked that important question:

Why are my cucumbers drying up and falling off?

The answer:

Because they are not being properly fertilized. Ummm, go back to your basic biology class people if you want to know the details.

So I have to aid Mother Nature a little, by finding a male flower and putting a little of the pollen from that flower to the center of a female flower.....(yikes, can I say that??)

My only problem is that there seems to be a startling lack of male flowers on my cucumber plants, and an overabundance of female flowers.
My melons are just the opposite. More male flowers and fewer female flowers. The squash don't have that problem. Squash never has a problem reproducing....we all know that.
And that's the story of how I got involved in the Se/ life of my plants.
I'll keep you posted.


Momza said...

It is 6:44AM and I have already learned something new this morning! THANKS!

Allyson said...

INTERESTING....gosh, I hope that I have equal partners over in my garden.

Reno said...

What about tomatoes? I'm trying to figure out how to keep the blossoms so that we will have actual tomatoes eventually.

Patrice said...

Heavenly Father's plans and ways are unchanging. It's just a fact of life. I remember planting marigolds next to my garden to attract the bees. They help with the pollinating.

Keep us posted. I live vicariously through your garden.

GGMA said...

How are ever going to explain to your grandchildren the plant facts of life?

Joy For Your Journey said...

We have had the same problem this year. I had no idea what the problem was but a good friend explained to me the birds and the bees--or lack of bees in this case. Good luck to you!

Lisa said...

Your blog is very educational! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

LaSchelle and Kurt said...

O.k. that does it...........I don't think I'm cut out for gardening! :-@