Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dilemma Part II Solved

I was going to post about my washing machine dilemma but TL figured it out today. The dilemma was that every time we would wash-this putrid smell would flood through our house-like sewer gas.......Today TL put the water hose down the drain hole and washed it out for about 15 min., then put a 1/2 bottle of Draino, let it sit for about 1 hr, then flushed the drain out again....Ta-da.... no more putrid sewer smell.. Hooray for TL! (I offer this solution to anyone who has a putrid sewer smell in their laundry room-or maybe I am the only one)
Dilemma Part 3-how to convince TL I need a washer like the one in the picture!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Mom -you don't want the washer in the picture. that is what CB and I have. It is the washer and dryer in one. Not fun!!