Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Law of Costco

Today I will discuss "The Law of Costco." This law can be applied to many different situations, of which I will explain. First of all, "The Law of Costco" states....."there is a law, irrevocably decreed that thou shalt NOT leave Costco with a receipt for less than $100." It's a given. I mean really, you cannot go into Costco and leave with just a jar of peanut butter and a box of granola bars. As you stroll down the aisles, you are reminded that you are out of toilet paper, shredded cheese, milk, and man, oh man, that sample of chicken fricassee tasted SO good and you have to take some home to your family.....

This law can also apply to husbands. For example, "honey, could you run to the store-we are out of milk." Honey obligingly trots down to local supermarket and when he returns 45 minutes later he brings your requested gallon of milk, plus an additional 3 gallons, which won't fit into your already stuffed fridge. IN addition, he brings home 5 boxes of cereal, 3 of which are on your forbidden foods list....(i.e. Froot loops, Captain Crunch, and Frosted Flakes), a bunch of bananas, a dozen donuts, a bag of fritos, because they are his favorite and they were only $2, and a package of corn tortillas...........Totally random and he is absolutely delighted with his purchases.

What is the point?? This law also applies to this place:
So yesterday, I have a free moment and I am thinking, I just need to run to Ikea and get some glass jars for my scrapbook ribbon.....Now Ikea is a small trek from my house so I don't just "run" down there but of course since I do have some free time yesterday I think this is the perfect moment to get that little postponed errand finally done.......So what do I come home with? This of course:

And this because I hate my current bedside lamp and of course it is cute and cheap:

And this because I need them for my office:

And finally this:

(the dresser, not the boy)

I rest my case. The Law of Costco in action.


Alice Wills Gold said...

I totally agree with your law...I have said it many times in the past. $100 is my exact given amount that you have to cross.

I have never been to IKEA but I hear that it is amazing and I would like to go and check it out...I love that dresser.

kristie said...

I would like to add Wal-Mart to that law. Joe says we support Wally world all by ourselves!

Jessica said...

Mom the lap turned out cute. I think it looks good. I have to say that if you have enough self-control (maybe not having kids helps too). But, CB & I went to costco once and walked out spending LESS than $20. Yup, it was a huge success for me becuase I wanted to buy everything I saw...But, we left with what we came for, and only that...Toliet paper :)

Spin said...

sounds just like my husband and yes Costco was a meager $249 yesterday

Mari said...

Oh it's so true! Especially with IKEA for me, I love that place!! It looks like you got a ton of cute stuff at least! No buyer's remorse there.

sandalloons44 said...

Hi,I agree, hey did you know I was hired on by costco in October? but, turned it down. When I see sometime, I shall share with you the story.

I remember calling "Wally World" the $40 store but, something happened to that also, it went up.
well, at this point... everything is going up as even my favorite brands that can be theirs, have gone up aleast 20 cents or more.

wow, don't you wish an IKEA was closer. Do you ever think so?

Ok, regarding the eggs, I shall try again on Monday. I am having van/brakes problems again with the van we purchased in december. Now the GM of the dealer is involved regarding other issues as well that weren't done up0n the sale.

take care

John Taylor Family said...

I agree, there is always something else you see that you just have to have!

I had the same experience as Jen a few days ago. We spent less than $20.00 and it was on TP too!

I think it's ok, we support them all the time with food, books, gas, etc.

Stacey said...

I bought those same boxes from IKEA. They look better from the outside.
Target and Kohls would be added to my list.

Jill said...

We usually spend at least $100 at Costco. If you get the executive membership, you get 2% of that back, however, it can be really depressing to get that rebate check and figure out exactly how much you spent at the place.
Twice this month, we got out of Costco for less than the required amount. Yay us!
I also enjoy going to Ikea. I wanted to go last week to get this cute serving tray for my party last weekend. I really wanted to go to the cafeteria and get a slice of their almond torte. That in itself is worth the trip. Too bad I ran out of time.
In regards to your comment on my blog-Yes, I have tentatively planned a party each month this summer.

jen said...

Ha! I was wondering what that big Ikea box dresser. I want to go shop out there for my office! Is that dresser for Daniel or Alyssa?