Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Favorite Day

Today is a favorite day in the month for me because I get to go to Ms. Angieinpink's awesome "Simplicity" workshop class. She and I think alike in many ways and I look forward to her simple style to adorn my scrapbook pages.....

Something you may not know about Ms. Angie is that she is a published scrapbook artist! She would never toot her own horn but if you are into scrapbooking, this book is hot off the press:

Go buy this now....

I PERSONALLY have an autographed copy of Ms. Angie's book, (first one she signed) and I know I could sell it on E-Bay for probably like $25,000 but of course I would never do that.
Another fact you may not know about Ms. Angie is that she has just started a new blog called angieinshape. She is the real deal here and is offering real life inspiration for us all who want to be in the best shape possible.


Debbie said...

Isnt' she just the cutest. I singed up too. Oh, and I LOVE the tips you gave. You are AWESOME!

angieinpink said...

Aw...thanks girl. That made my entire day/week/month. So happy you are my friend! ♥

And I'm with Debbie...great tips...I'm gonna go get a bunch of salady stuff tomorrow!! (:


Ali said...

Hey there Marilyn! I decided I had to come check out your cute blog. You seem so proud of your beautiful family! Will definitely be back to read more!

I might just have to find me one of those books ... I am always looking for new ones ... do you know where I can pick up a copy?