Monday, July 21, 2008

Blogger Slacker

I guess you could say I am a blogger slacker. I'm just kinda living life right now and doing little projects-one of which I am SO excited about but I can't share yet...... Reasons I am not blogging:

1. Because I am catching up on other people's blogs and their interesting lives and they even have interesting links too-which of course takes up all my blogging time.

2. Eating healthfully takes a LOT OF WORK!

3. My carpet in my bedroom FINALLY got cleaned.

4. I have watched this movie at least eleven hundred times so far and it still makes me laugh every time-If you haven't seen it-GO RENT IT NOW!

5. Reading books:Great book.....sound principles of eating-some really yummy recipes-there's a companion cookbook too-

This was a light, fun read, particularly appropriate for this time of year-celebrating our pioneer heritage....

6. Because I am totally lame-I signed up for an on-line Spanish class at the beginning of the summer and I am trying to get through that......

So that's my excuses for being a blogger slacker.......Living life at the moment is more interesting than writing about it I guess....


Suzie said...

glad to hear from you!

and I'm with you on your whole list. minus the bedroom carpet :)

Mari said...

Sad but true fact: Tyson HATED Dan in real life. I liked it better than he did but it's hard to like a movie while you're watching it with someone who is making fun of it. Bummer.