Friday, July 4, 2008

A Choice Land

"And never could be a people more blessed than were they, and more prospered by the hand of the Lord. And they were in a land that was choice above all lands, for the Lord hath spoken it." Ether 10:28

I'm grateful to live in a country where I can worship as I choose, live where I choose, work how I choose, raise my family as I choose.

I'm grateful to my ancestors who came to this land, fought for this land, and in some cases died for this land. I'm grateful for their sacrifices that I may have the life I live today.

I'm grateful for the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers, who were inspired and directed by God to form this country.

God Bless the USA!


Nancy Face said...

Beautifully written! Happy 4th of July! :)

Allyson said...

Happy 4th to you and the family!

sandalloons40 said...

happy 4th of July!
How long will you be gone for your vacation?

I think we are going to the fort McDowell if not MCC to watch fireworks.

take care and have a safe day!

Allyson said...

We bought them at the Discovery museum at the Gateway--downtown Salt Lake City. But I found them on Amazon for the same price.

♥Alyssa♥ said...

WOW mom i really do love your new backround! its so adorable. u need to show me that when we get back

Suzie said...

ooh. heartfelt and well said.
Love the new layout!