Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Requiem for a Garden

This was the last straw. I am now crying bitter tears in the realization that my garden is done producing....... They say the stages of grief are:

I am now accepting the fact that the garden season here is over for a time--it's just too dadgum hot for any of my little planties to reproduce. But alas, I am like the two-year-old who wants her cake and eat it too.....I want some of those brilliant blueberries and lovely lettuce and crunchy cabbage....and I want to grow it now! Nevertheless, the reality of gardening in the desert is the fact that I can grow lettuce in January and tomatoes in June but that July and August are pretty much the pits. Really, I should be grateful for when I am harvesting my lettuce in January-others are shoveling snow! So for now I will look longingly at garden catalogs, enjoy looking at other people's garden blogs....and plan for the next season!

Some final tributes to my garden this past year...

Dinner made with garden cukes, onions, peppers and herbs from my garden (not the watermelon-dang it!)

A very, very, very small harvest of red potatoes-but yet made fabulous roasted potatoes with olive oil and rosemary...

Onions the size of small planets, or maybe medium-sized cantaloupe....

Large, green peppers-which are supposed to be red.....

Our one and only grape bunch-small grapes but oh so delicious and sweet!

Yes, I am ready to accept, move on and go forward a stronger and better gardener!


Spin said...

o but you did so great this year!! we were not able to grow one thing. thank goodness the local stores have had good tomatoes

E Thatcher said...

Hey there, Marilyn--I love your garden photos. My garden is weeds and 12 tomato plants that I started from seeds back in February. I was up at 11pm last night irrigating because it was my water turn. Then we had lightning and thunder--nothing like your storm, but enough to keep me and the dog awake half the night, so I overslept this morning. Ah, but tomorrow is Pioneer Day, a holiday in Utah, and I'm taking Friday as well, so I've got a nice long weekend coming--time to continue the tasks of cleaning out the storage unit and basement. Take care, Elaine

Anonymous said...

When we left SLC two years ago for SoCal I left my garden behind. There is something so satisfying about eating something you had a hand in creating. Enjoy the rest for a season.

Suzie said...

totally be proud!
I love your gardening stories second only to your cute family stories.

hope you find your bra!

Mom2fur said...

I think you had quite a harvest! So far, I've had one amazing tomato. Two more look like they might turn red for me.

That's it for my garden!

sandalloons44 said...

wow, that is cool. My neighbor is going to be giving me some grapes cuts so I can start sometime soon. He has some that weight a least 30 lbs. really. I shall post them on my blog and they are wonderful. He has tomatoes, pomegrantes(our tree died after transplanting), he has all different kinds of squash, jalapenos, yellow peppers, etc.
His are very healthy now also.

now to fence ours back so the chickens stay out, we shall start a fall garden soon.
I brought was was left of my mint in as the rest died.
I grew chocolate mint, lemon grass, pineapple mint and spearmint.
I will give you some produce also that you aren't growing ok?
this resident over here off of 80the street/ADobe has two yellow apple trees in their front yard.
they just let the fruit drop down and die. Boo hoo.
I should put a sign up that says eat your apples. LOL