Thursday, July 17, 2008


1. Conquer Mt. St. Laundry-check (well for at least a couple of days)
2. Reconcile the checkbook-well-it's all been subtracted but I am still not reconciled to the balance.
3. Re-acclimitize to the environment- hahahahahahaha....?... what?
4. Restock the refrigerator- check (is it ever fully stocked?)
5. Become reacquainted with 18 yo old son-mmmm-he still speaks in monosyllables-
6. Wash the car-change the oil in the car-manana.
7. Work on 2.85 hours of dictation-check-plus add another 2.85 hours.
8. Dive back into my church callings-check-sorta-sharing time planned.
9. Spend several hours in veggie and flower about 1/2 hour?
10. Put away all the stuff I bought at BYU Bookstore-check-in a pile by my bed.
11. Read all the stuff I bought at BYU bookstore.....ha hahaha haha.
12. Analyze FH research......ummmmm..still in notebook and on flash drive....
13. Trip to San Diego.....ha hahahaha.....I have two empty boxes for the food...does that count?
Checklist summary-taken a few off-added as many more items on it-does it ever get done?

Here's some photos of other stuff I snagged in Utah. It may be a big secret but I LOVE fabric stores. I love touching the material and looking at the pretty colors. So in order satisfy my fabric fetish-I have taken up making quilts-baby quilts, quilts cuddle up in during the July summers...
This satisfies my country girl 80's fabric color tendencies-with some black thrown in for "coolness."

This oh-so-adorable baby girl quilt is being made in advance-whoever has the next baby girl snags it-I'm trying to be efficient here-I may end up some years getting a multitude of grandbabies and I am just trying to be prepared! (justifying the purchase of course)

Oh, these luciousness of colors-SO much fun. I can hardly wait to do this one!

Last but not least, a future project.....remember these?

Unfortunately that's about all they are good for-cuteness.. If you have a bust size larger than an A cup and hips bigger than 34 inches....well, they are pretty much worthless for normal use, so I found this little number....
I'm trying again=

Ok-I've blogged enough today-back to that checklist!!!


Mari said...

That is a cute apron pattern. I want to make one! I totally have a sewing machine that I need to learn how to use so I can make fun things like that. Glad to see your checklist is being conquered!!

Allyson said...

Good Job on the list. Love the fabrics..cute, cute, cute.....and I'm having a I get to snag??? J/K I'm sure Jessica and Amy will be having sweet little kiddos soon!

I'm going to do a blog entry today...check it out ---you might find an apron goodie you like.

Anonymous said...

Love the baby quilt fabric. I haven't had much time to sew this summer and it makes me anxious for school to start. Loved your daughter's EFY post. Pure goodness.

John Taylor Family said...

I have seen this one...too cute and fits all sizes!

Alice Wills Gold said...

for some reason you have made me want to join your are a light to the world...with all that wheat and fabric and good clean teenage fun...oh yeah, I already belong to that world. But, you make it look so much better than me...thanks for that...maybe i just need a few years or a sweet teenage girl.

angieinpink said... are amazing w/ the things you get done, woman.

and wow...can we please have a moment of silence for those sewing projects? hello! so cute. love ALL the fabric combos as well as that TDF pattern.

where do I get that pattern? wait...nevermind...i don't need any more projects. maybe in another life. (:

Lori said...

Looks like life has been really eventful for you. I can't wait to see your quilts done! Have fun in San Diego!