Thursday, July 3, 2008

Headin' Narth

Well, I'm outa here in a couple of days.....Headin' Narth (do you get the accent?)
I'm headed to my feed my soul...I think Utah is imbedded in my DNA..

For those of you who live in this fair state, you may think I am nuts but ever since I was an infant, every summer, my family headed north to the Mother Land. We made stops beginning in Payson, next to Provo, Murray, Salt Lake, Bountiful, Roy, ending in Logan and then reversing the process all over again, heading south. If I had a chat with any long-time resident of Utah-we would probably be related.....(I'm descended from the 2nd wife of course)......But I dearly adore going to Utah and these days I try to head there at least once or twice a year. To visit family and be restored... I don't have a lot of photos of those travels, but this photo to me epitomizes those yearly treks.

The aunts preparing food. Never ending food......and one of my uncles strolling in the background looking for wildlife or other interesting biological bits of information.....As I said before, we started in Payson and ended up in Logan......with a never ending buffet of hamburgers, potato salad and beans (old family joke). As I married and started my family, we too began the almost yearly trek to Utah and I have passed down the Utah DNA to my posterity......

Make fun of me if you like-but I will always reserve a piece of my heart for the Beehive State.....

So it's EFY at BYU or bust!


Mari said...

Aw I wish I was in Utah so I could be one of your bean eatin' hamburger grillin' stops. Oh well. Have a great trip! Hopefully it's a little cooler up there for ya.

Lisa and Ryan said...

Have a great time and take lots of pictures!!!

kristie said...

I agree, Utah is pretty great! Of course, I may be biased since I have lived here since I went to BYU at age 18 (minus a two year stay in Mississippi). How long is that, you may ask? Well, then I would have to reveal my age, and we all know women don't do that!

Allyson said...

Have a wonderful time. I too have a special place in my heart for UT!

angieinpink said...

I only lived there for seven years, & I feel the same way. Utah is the best.

Perhaps you could:

a.visit AF canyon
b.hit up lagoon
c.chill at pioneer park through sugarhouse at garndner village
f.meditate o' temple square
g. hug my grandparents

...all in my behalf while you're there? {it's okay, i'm only half-way serious.}

Cute memories. Loved the pic & post. Have fun!!!

John Taylor Family said...

I agree there is something about Utah. I enjoy the different seasons...It's just beautiful. I am sorry to say may be is quite hot here lately. One good does cool off at night.

sandalloons44 said...

Oh, have a great and relaxing time.
We all have those adorable memories. I miss Colorado as my relatives ventured there from Iowa. So, I always talk to my aunt once per month to chat and relive the MEMORIES(for 2 hours)!!!!!!!!!!
They live on forever.

Nancy Face said...

I'm hoping it's cooler there than it is here! :0

Alice Wills Gold said...

I'll be right there with you in July..can't wait..first visit in 5 years!

Jill said...

Hey, I'm from the second wife too!

We're probably cousins;0)