Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nature's Fury

Anyone living here locally heard about the big microburst storm we had last night. Well, we were in the middle of it. Fifteen minutes of rain that defied gravity-howling wind and lightening flashes. Mother Nature gave us quite a ride and now I hope I never have to live through a tornado or hurricane.......fifteen minutes was plenty for me! (and the wind speeds never reached tornado or hurricane speeds-just a mere 60 mph)

Power poles just south of us snapped like toothpicks-but we are SO lucky-we still have power. The main road is closed and the only damage we sustained.....

Another stupid roof leak!


The wind picked up that trampoline and flung it across the yard, impaling it on the pool fence and tearing a hole right through it! Umm, that's a pretty powerful wind.


A very dirty pool-

Now all I have to endure are the annoying TV news helicopters buzzing around like pesky flies during the evening, morning and noon news shows......but, if that's all I have to endure, well, I'm mighty grateful. At least I wasn't in the car that got hit by the flying power pole last night!


John Taylor Family said...

Wow!! That sounds like quite the storm. I am glad everyone is ok - minus the hole in the tramp :)

Allyson said...

I'm sure glad you still have power and that the tramp and roof leak are your worries. I'm visiting mom and dad right now, so no word of crazy storm here.