Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Recipe for Disaster

114 degree predicted high temperature today
1 AC unit gone wacko-
1 non-committed AC repair service (can't give me a service time/date yet)
3 days until I leave town

Mix together thoroughly and you have one crazed, frustrated Matriarchal Madwoman!
** was a tiny little part that needed to be replaced and no-it didn't get hot but I was very nervous worrying that my compressor would blow any minute!


John Taylor Family said...

Oh I am soooo sorry!!! I remeber how misserable it was with out AC...hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I hope you will be able to "chillax" soon. I just wanted to use that word so someone in the blogosphere will think I am much younger.
Blowing cool breezes your way.

Allyson said...

Oh man, That is the worst! Good thing you have kids close by....go camp at their house! Hope it gets fixed ASAP!!!

angieinpink said...

i'm sweating for you. poor thing. hope it all works out!

ps: i'm {in love} with your polka-dot quilt top. SO CUTE!

Pedaling said...

i hope you are leaving town to somewhere at least 20 degrees cooler!

sandalloons40 said...

oh your air is out? Yikes, that is hot or is it on the blink?
Sorry and hope this gets fixed soon as they never know when they are time framed/coming out.

Alice Wills Gold said...

When my hubby were biding our time with a newborn infant in our apt with NO ac or Swamp cooler...we moved a month after she was born....we would just go and ride in our car with ac and hang out at the mall until they kicked us out...good memories....glad you survived....can't do that now with the gas prices.