Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Burning Questions of the Hour

Now that I have sweat off half my weight after cleaning the pool, cleaned myself up and dressed for the day.....I have a few burning questions.....

How does a perfectly good newish Victoria's secret bra totally disappear into thin air?

Please advise.

I have to leave in one hour. Do I:
a. Clean the kitchen
b. Work on my currently as yet unrevealed project?

Please advise.

We get to pretend we are rich tonight and go to the Diamondback game, sitting in an ooh-la-la suite. What does one wear to this sort of affaire?

Please advise.

Why is Bubba-D so cheerful these days?

Please advise.


John Taylor Family said...

Hey,have fun at the D-backs game. And as far as D being very happy...hmmm...better watch out! it is very rare for the teens to be happy (at least here)!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed you are still shopping at VS. At forty I just quit shopping there. What was the point?

Mari said...

Ah the good ol' VS. I like them because they told me I was a cup size bigger than I thought. They had me at hello.

Jessica said...

The mystery of the bra...I like it. I am sure Dad and Bubba D had NOTHING to do with that one.

But, Boofus? Was it her? Or maybe you left it in Utar..

Allyson said...

I love to pretend I'm rich. I love going to the D-backs game.....so how was it, did we win. Maybe Bubba has the bra hidden somewhere and thats why he is happy???? sounds a bit fishy to me!

GinnyC said...

I didn't take the vs bra, but I'll be happy to check with my boys...