Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pardon Me.....

While I take a couple of days to:
1. Conquer Mt. St. Laundry.
2. Reconcile the checkbook
3. Re-acclimatize to the climate-cooler but more humid.
4. Restock the refrigerator.
5. Become re-acquainted with my 18 yo son who spoke only in monosyllables while I was gone.
6. Wash the car-change the oil in the car.
7. Work on 2.85 hours of dictation.
8. Dive back into my church callings.
9. Spend several hours in my flower & veggie gardens repairing the damage.
10. Put away all the stuff I bought (mostly stuff from BYU bookstore)
11. Read all the books purchased from BYU bookstore.
12. Check the calendar I ignored for a week.
13. Analyze and organize all the family history research I did for nearly 2 full days in SLC.
14. Prepare for the next trip to the beach at San Diego with the whole crew in 2 weeks.......


Lori said...

Vacations are great for escaping life, but your right when you get back it is all waiting for you. I have been home almost a week from girls camp and I still feel behind. Oh well! Glad you got to get away where it is cooler and see your family! Welcome home...

jen said...

Whew, take a breath! That is one big list! :)
Welcome home mommy...we missed ya!

kristie said...

Hey, I am behind, and I haven't been on vacation. It's just a fact of life with me!!!

Suzie said...

I love that you cleaned up at the BYU bookstore. I only live 20 minutes away and go once a year.

Also loved your take on Happy Valley. Things I take for granted...