Friday, September 11, 2009

Circle of Sisterhood

As I was witnessing my daughter giving birth last week, I had a profound moment.

Circled around her, as she was struggling to bring forth life, were her husband, her nurses, her doctor, her sister and her mom.

The thought came crystal clear to me that all of those individuals, except for her husband, were women.

We were a circle of sisters, literally surrounding her with love, encouragement, empathy and strength to accomplish her difficult task.

It seemed as if my mind opened, looking to the past, as a circle of sisters surrounded one of their own during her travail, encouraging her, wiping her brow, tending to her needs and encircling her with love and support. I could see my grandmothers, my great-grandmothers and beyond gathering around one of their own to inspire and assist during one of life's most important events.

We were adding link in that long chain of sisterhood that has been going for centuries.

Penetrating to the depths of my being was the realization how much we girls need each other. We have a unique bond like no other; sisters, daughters, mothers, and girlfriends.

May we always circle each other with love, encouragement, support and strength.

interestingly enough, as I was working on this post, TL came in to proudly show me his "wound" received yesterday while paintballing yesterday with a bunch of business associates. Don't ask.

Quite a contrast.


Momza said...

Love this speaks to my heart so much. I love being a Midwife for these very reasons. Women need each other...very differently in how we need the men in our lives tho, hunh?
We love with emppathy. We know.
Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing!

jen said...

Well said.

GGMA said...

Wonderful thoughts. I concur absolutely.

John Taylor Family said...

Wow...that is deep and so true!

God knew exactly what he was doing when he created women. Women have a bond where they show and give a love that is untouchable!

It's awesome!!

Patrice said...

I do feel very blessed to be surrounded by girls. It's true that I have a special bond with them. And, it's always my sisters I call when I need advice and support!

Granny J said...

"This great circle of sisters will be a protection for each of you and your families."
Elder Boyd K. Packer (Ens. Nov. 1980)

We may have our differences but when we need each other the circle comes together. I have witnessed that over and over again this past year and think of Elder Packer's words.

Nice post.

sondia said...

What an awesome post!

Thanks for reminding me how much I will miss my sisters when we move.

sondia said...

What an awesome moment to share with your girls! It made me miss my sisters already and we haven't even moved yet.

Allyson said...


I'm a bit jealous. Only girl! Hopefully I will have that with my girls as they get older!

Julie said...

I love this post. So true.

Anonymous said...

So true. The only night my daughter told me that she felt like we were friends. At first, I worried thinking, we can't be friends, I am her mother. Then I realized, we were friends before we came.