Friday, September 25, 2009

Trying to Get the Gardening MoJo back

Yesterday morning I decided I needed to snap out of it and get cracking on my gardening again. It's my favorite time of year to plant. I'm even a little behind some of the gardening gurus around here in getting my seeds going. So to generate some enthusiasm, I went out in the early morning air to tidy up a bit and inspect the premises. The temperature was in the 70s and fabulous!!!!

Despite my neglect, here's what I found:

Peppers, peppers everywhere! I got a great link from Granny J for chili rellenos and it's going to be great to eat out of the garden again.

I wish I knew how to make larger bell and red bell peppers. Probably add tons of chemical fertilizers, which I don't. Any ideas?A ginormous cucumber! It's not fit to eat but it makes for a good memory. I sacrificed its mother plant for the space.Even the zinnias are perking up.So I'm headed off today to my favorite nursery, Baker's, and salivate over seeds. We are going to add some good stuff to the soil and TL will till it for me, which technically you aren't supposed to have to do in a Square Foot Garden, but I guess we do things our own way here. (especially with regards to men and tools)


Momza said...

Your garden has lived thru the hot summer and here you are again, planting!
How cool is that? We are headed for a long winter up here and would no more think of planting seeds here than we would buy shorts this time of year!
Can't wait to see your harvest!

Patrice said...

You are the best!

Granny J said...

Ditto to Momza! I just picked the remaining peppers,chiles and to get them in the freezer.
Good luck on those rellenos...tip...don't make the batter too stiff or it won't stick to the chile.

Allyson said...

Good! Maybe you can inspire me!

Allyson said...

YAY--a baby..was really wanting all the info and pictures, but you haven't blogged it yet, I'm staying tuned!

The Galloping Gardener said...

Great blog! Glad I found you.

Bren said...

My peppers are totally growing crazy even this late in the season. Tonight we are under a frost warning so I hope those plants survive.

Happy Harvest!