Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've had this on my mind to post for days but life just keeps on happenin' and somehow I haven't gotten to it. So here goes.....

A couple of weeks ago a very pregnant Jessica & I went to see Julie and Julia, the perfect chick flick, except that it didn't have any hunky guys, just lots of good food (and Stanley Tucci is just the cutest-and Meryl Streep positively channeled Julia Child!)

I loved this movie, not because it was about food.

I loved it because it was about setting goals and accomplishing them.

I loved it because it showed the picture of two devoted married couples, their ups and downs.

I loved it because both couples had adversity, supported each other and succeeded.

I came home, inspired, not to buy The Art of French Cooking and cook each recipe,

but to set a goal and accomplish it.

But of course it at least had to be about food!

You see, I'm sort of a cookbook junkie. I love cookbooks and new recipes, not necessarily using them, but just finding new interesting ones that keep piling up in various places in my house. I came home from the movie, energized, with the determination that I was going to go through my un-tried recipe collection and

Cook them!

So I started sifting through the torn out pages of magazines, the printed recipes off the internet and chose 5 or 6 new ones to cook for the upcoming week. Some of the delicacies we have tried are:

Fresh corn and chicken chowder

Basil chicken sandwiches

Fish tacos with corn avocado relish

Chicken lettuce wraps

Alton Brown's granola

Blueberry breakfast cake

What have I learned?

Most of the recipes were "keepers."

Cooking a new recipe every day is HARD! Life is hectic and I had to force myself to check what I needed to do for dinner in the morning!

Keeping up with a goal is difficult after the enthusiasm has worn off. I'm still doing this, but choosing to try fewer new recipes each week.

So we'll see how it goes......I'm looking forward to the piles of recipes diminishing, until I find another new one....


Momza said...

May I come for dinner??

Momza said...

P.S. I hope you don't mind (and if you do, please say so!) that I have used your post in my blog today. It's so beautiful, I wanted to share it!

Allyson said...

I really want to see that movie!

How was the corn chowder? I love a good chowder.

Good for you, life is crazy, I'm impressed that you did a new one each day. We are lucky to have a meal each day at this house!!!

Sue said...

I've just read your circle of sisters post on Momza's blog and have come over to meet you myself. Great post! And so true.



Granny J said...

Love this post! I too have cookbooks galore...yet I cook the same things over and over. It makes shopping easy. As Jill (as in the wife of Tim the Toolman) said, "It doesn't matter what I cook, it all pretty much tastes the same." It's pretty hard to taste anything new if I keep using the same 5 ingredients! ;)

Larissa said...

I was wondering if that movie was good!! Glad it motivated you!!

jen said...

Way to go Mom...5 new meals in one week is A LOT. I'm lucky to get food on the table at all. It is fun to try new things though. Anxious to hear about your successes.

RhondaLue said...

mom and I plan to go see that one soon. Glad to hear that it was good!

I love trying new recipes too. I did two the first week of school and then stopped. But one was a keeper and I will try one per week from now on. The kids need something new to try-they (along with me!) are bored of the old tried and true recipes. lol

John Taylor Family said...

I havent got a chance to see this movie yet, but hear it is great!

Its great you have been able to find time to explore cooking:) The dishes sound yummy!

Lori said...

wow, I need to get motivated to try new recipes. i really want to see that movie. i could use setting some goals as well. Elder D did a great job Sunday! Fun to see everyone and enjoyed your yummy luncheon!