Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Bits of Useless Information

I know the date says Tues, Sept. 29th, but due to the miracle of modern internet, as I'm writing this, it's Monday. And I have things on my mind, so I'm allowing them to spew forth.

I woke up Monday morning feeling like I'd been hit by a bus. Although in truth, I have never actually been hit by a bus, it just seems to perfectly describe my thoughts and physical-ness this day.

I didn't go to the gym-didn't feel like it.

I couldn't figure out how to start out Monday morning, so I washed towels.
It seemed the sensible thing to do. And brainless.

My new favorite green smoothie is frozen peaches, frozen blueberries, banana, OJ, spinach and now I'm even getting daring and adding a large stalk of kale. I love you, Utah peaches!

I listened to Spanish and spoke Spanish ALL.DAY.SATURDAY....alllll day.
By Sat. night at the Women's Conference, my brain was so tired that I confessed I had breast-fed one of my daughters until she was 18 years old.....yes, I know the difference between the word months and years in Spanish, it just didn't come out right. More hysterical laughter from the Hispanic group.

I did a sneaky thing on Sunday........
TL said to me, why don't you just ditch out on one of your meetings and go see Jen?
That seemed like the most wonderful idea! So I did.
I missed out on a Sacrament meeting and made the long drive to Phoenix where my daughter had chosen to give birth, and I spent an hour smooching and cuddling my latest grandson.
It was heaven.
Just so ya' know I'm not too much of a sinner, I attend 2 Sacrament mtgs every Sunday, for the last 4 1/2 years, so I only missed one.

I haven't heard from Elder Dan yet.

Our internet has been out for several days.
It seems like months.
I think I'm addicted to the internet.

I like giving my hubby a big smooch and a full hug in the morning after his shower before he leaves for work.
(my kids are saying ewwwww)

I just bought a new rosemary plant and I'm going to try growing some lavender.

I opened the front door and left.it.open for the first time this season!
(Unless you've ever lived in Phoenix, Arizona, you don't get it)
The fresh air was heaven.


GGMA said...

It sounds definitely like the stressed tired bug hit hard. Get a little rest. Everything will wait!

Allyson said...

Your too funny! I love your random-ness, keep it coming!

Patrice said...

Mondays can be a little hard to figure out sometimes for me, too! I am sure the baby gave you more of a piece of heaven than anything else!

RhondaLue said...

I hope you're feeling better by now. I know this comment will say 2:34 Tues afternoon but I'm really writing it Monday afternoon. (ok that sounded funny in my head, sorry it wasn't all that funny)

Joy For Your Journey said...

I love random posts. They are some of my favorites to read. I am sorry for the things getting you down, but appreciated that chuckle about breast feeding for 18 years. Wow!! A record I am sure. :-)

As for leaving your door open. You are brave. I haven't done that yet. I got locked out of my house today (for some reason for the first time EVER I locked all my doors and then took the dog out and couldn't get back in.) My husband had to come home from work to rescue me--and we were sweltering out there waiting. But it is supposed to get cooler by Thursday! Happy Thought!

Best wishes.