Thursday, September 17, 2009

Buenos Diiiiaaas

The first phone call of the day was in Spanish. So, in honor of that and because I can't think of any other profound things to say today, I thought I would post thoughts about my recent Spanish experiences (in English)

I still have those random brain f*rts (I can't say that word in front of my mother or my kids either for that matter) when someone is talking to me and I go "huh?" Some people I can understand perfectly and others, well, let's just say I need a little help. I wonder why?
My son had a bilingual friend over the other day and he asked, "que esta haciendo?" (i was cooking dinner) and without even a blink of an eyelash I replied, "huevos con papas." (eggs & potatoes)

I love it that when TL has phone conversations in Spanish, I can understand every word. (tee hee)

I can read this:
And understand a WHOLE bunch more than I used to. I am not so co-dependent on my Spanish translator. It's way cool.
Don't get me wrong. Sometimes when I'm having a conversation in Spanish I see a glazed look in people's eyes while I struggle to get the proper words out, but it's coming along.
And this is even way cooler for me. Lookee what I got:

I love showing it and watching the confused look on people's faces.

Spanish temple recommend + tall gringa lady = does not compute.

Way fun.

P.S. It's exactly t-minus 6 days until my Bubba D leaves. We've got mixed emotions here. Worry, stress, and the fact that I can't wait to get him outta here.


RhondaLue said...

SO COOL! My MIL is a gringo and she can covertly listen to people talking about her in a grocery store line w/o them thinking she knows Espanol. That's the COOLEST because then you can say something in Spanish to let them know you just understand every word they just said, lol!

I'm impressed at your Espanol knowledge!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Good for you on the Spanish! I had to laugh at your comment about how your looks and temple Spanish temple recommend don't compute. My husband (as you know) is from the Mormon Colonies in Mexico, but is very fair skinned. I always get a kick out of telling people he is Mexican.

Good luck with your son leaving. Sad but happy times, I know.

And I missed your circle of sisterhood post but caught it on Momza's House. I loved it! I have always believed women need women (hence visiting teaching) and am so thankful for all the "sisters" in my life.

Granny J said...

I too am impressed!

Ahhh, the final days before the can you love them so much one minute, scared to death for them the next, and the urge to strangle them yourself mingled in the mix?!

Blessings to you!

Allyson said...

Way to go M! You should be so proud of yourself. Only 6 days! Before we know it, he will be coming home!

Momza said...

Okay, I have to comment about the departing son...brings back so many memories for me!
As excited as I was for my son to go on his mission...I really needed for him to. go. on. his. mission. before. I. killed. him. and. did. the. work. proxy.
Seriously...he drove me nuts...up until we got to the airport. Then, of course, watching him walk away I cried. Two years is a long time.