Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Tip

Life has been so crazy these days, that I haven't posted any tips or any other exciting motivational news on the blog. But I have a tiny idea today that is pretty quick and easy.

The goal around here has been to eat more whole grains. Sure, I have these white bucket things full of all sorts of good nutrition stashed in various corners of my house. Well, in order to eat more whole grains, they have to be easily accessible. It's just too dang hard to run around trying to find the whole grain sorghum for my power pancakes, especially when I need only 1/3 of a cup.

So I decided to put little stashes of my whole-grain goodness closer to where I needed them. In my pantry cupboard in the kitchen. Illustration:
I have all sorts of little plastic thingies, PETE containers and empty canning jars that I can put a couple of cups of this and that in them so they are easily available when I need a 1/2 of quinoa for a pilaf or 1/3 of sorghum for the power pancakes. Maybe someday I'll get the color coordinated Tupperware, or whatever for all my grains but for now, this works for me.

For those of you out there who are way further advanced than I on the nutrition and homemaker scale this may have been a well, duh, tip, but for me it was kind of an ah-ha moment.

You can even copy my ghetto labeling system. I won't mind.

P.S. Daniel leaves in exactly 24 hours-so if you haven't already guessed, this is a post-dated post.


Allyson said...

Good for you! We need to jump on that wagon...but its a bit scary---and oh where to start!

Bye Bye D!! We will miss him!

Patrice said...

Don't ever assume we know it! And, I learned that I could actually have that healthy stuff in my home. Cool!

Good Luck Daniel!

Momza said...

Great ideas! Makes so much sense.
As for your boy leaving...it reminded me of my own son before he left...I was SO READY for him to GO...and still emotional because two years is a long time.
Why do we let them go so far away for so long? Because the Restored Gospel is true
and we love it and want to share that wonderful truth with the world. That's why. Oh and our milk bill goes down to 1/2 of what it normally is...lol.