Monday, September 28, 2009

Cleaning the Teenager Rooms or,

A.k.a. Dumpster Diving in Your Own Home.
Last week I was still trying to get out of the doldrums, not worrying about my kid every minute of the day and checking the email every 10 minutes to see if he had written, and I got the cleaning bug and attacked his room and the teenage daughter room. Here's a sampling of what I found:
School notebooks from junior high.

Tons of extension cords.A basket from 1988.Trash, tons of trash....enough trash to start my own landfill! I don't think garbage can and teenage brain commute. I have been looking for these for weeks!The sacred family backpack. Purple color for Mesa High, which has been passed down from sister to sister through the generations. Sorry girls, it's in the garbage.

Enough money to start my Alaska travel fund.Old gaming systems (this one was in daughter's room......)Now I finally know where the knee brace went.

And I created enough dust to cause 500 people an allergy attack. But now I feel cleansed and purged and we'll see how long it lasts.......until the next cleaning frenzy begins, or I need to find something that is missing.


Momza said...

Oh you are my hero! I love to clean and purge!
Just yesterday I was sorta seething about the garage. I hate the clutter. I want to rent a truck and dump it all in there and get rid of it!
Just walking out into the garage gives me a bad attitude. I hate it.
I love an orderly house and orderly drawers and makes me feel calm and orderly too.
If I could just get that garage in order--wow--that might be heavenly!

Love the pics!

John Taylor Family said...

Oh man! You are brave!! I don't dare tackle the teenage rooms :)

You never know whats in there!!

Reno said...

What fun! I'd love to tackle my teenagers' rooms. But even more- I'd love to tackle my husband's 'foxhole'. Oh, the dumpsters I could fill!

Allyson said...

Sounds like you have been a busy bee! I love it! I love clean! I did a mini cleaning spree on Sat. --its fabulous!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Yes,but did you ever get the email? How is he doing?

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Oh wow . . . I have a couple a these rooms waiting for me - I just haven't built up the courage quite yet, I'm sure I could disapper and not be found for weeks! I'll have to share any likely treasure I come across, I'm they're in there somewhere.

Thank you always for the visit and comments - they make me feel soooo good!