Saturday, May 17, 2008


Projected temp here today: 100
Hospital temP: Considerably colder

As I contemplate my wardrobe today as I head off to the hospital-I am in conflict-outside-HOT. Inside-COLD. Why are hospitals so dang friggin' freezin???? I will meditate on that today.

TL update: Still very sick. Yesterday about 50% out of it as compared to the last two days of maybe 75% out of it-so that is an improvement. We still have a long haul ahead waiting for test results (virus type) and the verdict as to when he comes home-they're not making any promises yet. I agree-I don't want to take care of him at home yet.

Grateful for: Wonderful nurses-nurses are saints! Supportive family and friends. Wonderful ward members-wonderful people who I don't even know praying for us.....(I can feel it!) Priesthood blessings.

Learning: Patience & Faith


Anonymous said...

Heart goes out to you during this trial. In our prayers.

Lori said...

I feel so bad for TL! Sure hope he quickly gets better so he can come home. Love you!

Suzie said...

you were in my prayers last night and my thoughts today.
Hope all is well!

sandalloons44 said...

so sorry still for you all!
He will come soon!
well, I was by you casa today doing a yard sale to benefit that little cutie. the grandma of her said she knows you and that your husband is quite sick. Poor thing.
Well, I was driving look for more yard sales wondering what in the world i was doing at 7 ish in the morning out and not in bed. I saw your house, I think the nice sidewalk in the kind of circle and I should of had those chicken eggs with me.

I now have 11 dozen available.

Ok, prayers are you way!

Spin said...

hang in there. we are definitely praying and thinking of you

John Taylor Family said...

I am so mom says they have located the virus and it may be a week now. I hope that is true.

It can be very hard to watch our loved ones be that sick. When my dad was in the hospital for his surgery and so lethargic from his blood sugar was really really scary!

My dad had lots of people praying for him and I know that is why he made it through. Prayers are wonderful blessings, and through them Uncle T will make it through!

LaSchelle said...

We love you and are praying for you! Give Uncle Terry a hug from me!

Allyson said...

Hey there---just got back from our cruise...prayers and thoughts we are sending to TL and YOU! Keep us updated!