Friday, May 9, 2008

Through The Eyes of a Child

In honor of Mother's Day....I present.....In case you were wondering what I look like....portraits by my children:

Some little known facts about me...

(There seems to be a lot of desire for sleep going on)

And, in case you are really interested, here's my usual schedule for the day (about 12 yrs ago)

Did you know that I am an award winning cook? One of my famous recipes:FYI-You know mommies, how kids bring home so much stuff from school-well, I just saved the best and I decided recently to scan it and toss it (gasp!) and print it on nice white paper (not cardstock) so I can remember those precious things they did without all the bulk and storage. Believe me---7 kids bring home a lot of stuff through the 7-8 years of preschool and elementary school


LHammer said...

Too, too, funny sis. I like your idea of scanning the good stuff. What a great way to keep the memory yet tidy the house!

Suzie said...

Oh, these are just precious!
I love that your favorite food is lettus. and you don't like bad werds. And that recipe for corn on the cob? Who knew?
so, precious. Love these.

and I've been thinking about scanning in the piles of stuff I have and then chucking it.
deep breaths, deep breaths.
I think I can do it.

stacey said...

These are priceless. A few years ago mine said my hobby was taking naps. It was an introspective moment.

Spin said...

you must be a very good typer:)
these are priceless

Anonymous said...

That is amazing that you still have those!

they are all soooo cute! You must be a GREAT MOMMY!!!

sandalloons44 said...

Oh this is so adorable. you mean only with 3 children, I had a total of 9 bins full of this.
so, what I did was condense this down to one bin per child, for via their artistic work, report cards, birth certificates, health records, baptism records and certificates, confirmation certificates, etc. And of coarse you know... the list goes. on.

Hey guess who's taking Moxie tomorrow? that would be me and my niece. wow, I am going out on a limb this year as I am going to creative escape also.

take care Marilyn

Happy Mother's day as you totally deserve this day! wow, 7!

Pedaling said...

those truly are the best gifts a mom can get!

John Taylor Family said...

Very cute. I have similar items from my kids, and have been saving the best from each...but I still have a ton.

That is a great idea to scan them...I think that is my next project (with 5 kids x yrs in school that will help alot)

Lori said...

Aunt M I love these cute thoughts of you! It is so fun to hear what our kids think of us and our life. My kids stay home sick and always say - what do you do all day? You are a great mom! I love that you have all these! Have a great MOTHER'S DAY!