Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Hero!

Twenty-six years ago at this time I was in labor....allllll day. But the happy result was this sweet little one! (doesn't she bear a resemblence to the Flower Baby?-just noticed)

Some interesting facts about her birth:

*She was born in a Lazy-Boy rocker recliner-in the labor room.

*She was my last birth without any type of anesthesia (including episiotomy-ouch!)

*We moved to California a month after she was born.

*We didn't trade her for a pig.

*She was my first thumb sucker-and even though thumb sucking ruins teeth-it makes for happy, contented babies.

*She has had a lot of trials in her life. She developed severe eczema and allergies 3 weeks after she was born and has had to endure stares, taunting, ridicule and many heartaches through her young life as she tried to cope.

*I had to breastfeed her for 18 months-she was allergic to EVERYTHING!

*She has a wonderful imagination-she could take a stack of crayons and play a game with them.

*The decibel level in our home doubles when she comes-she is full of fun!

Happy Birthday Amesy-I'm glad I'm your momma!


John Taylor Family said...

Happy Birthday!...Wow I remember when she was born :)

Jolene George said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. I'm sure she's happy you're her momma too. :o)
I had to laugh at the prom reply. too funny...and sightly scary. LOL!
The pioneer dress turned out great!
Allyson C is in my ward out here. :o)

Amy said...

Thank you so much, Mommy!! I love that post!!! And I love that you think I resemble little Miss B, she's a total doll and I hope my babies are as beautiful!
Thank you thank you!!

Lynell said...

Hi, I just found your blog on Mormon Blogs and have had fun looking over it. What a good looking family. Happy Birthday to your daughter. A recliner huh? Wow! So fun to read about. Ü

Merrianne said...


Nancy Face said...

Cute, cute birthday post! :)