Friday, December 21, 2007

Fiesta de los Nietos

Party for the Grandkids!
Each year William Sonoma makes a really cool cupcake pan for the holidays. Last year it was a train and this year it was cars. So last year I started the tradition and prepared cakes and the trimmings and had the grandkids, plus extra cousins, come and decorate. It is so fun to prepare the stuff and watch the mommies help their little ones. The idea here is to eat at least as much candy as you put on your creation!These two photos are for great-grandma's benefit-the newest of the babies....they are growing fast!

Working hard on his creation!
This little one would flash me the cutest smile every time I would focus the camera on him.....
Getting just the right color of sprinkles is important!

Decorating your car is serious business. He was entertained for a long, long time. This is good because his attention span is well...pretty short!
Proudly displaying their creations! It's hard to pose while chewing on candy!

My diet for the last few days has consisted of things ending with the words "ose." Sucrose, maltose, dextrose......(sugar!) Ugg......but the kiddies had a great time. After Christmas I will purge the house......(I already hear groaning from the teenagers!)

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angieinpink said...

okay....I LOVE your candy in those muffin cute! I'm gonna hafta copy that.

Good to see you @ are super woman! Your grandkid par-tay looked so fun! Merry Christmas to all!