Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sharing Christmas

Just sharing a few more images from Christmas for the out-of-town fam....I am still under the weather (see reference to "hacking out a lung" post a few days ago-yes, he gave it to me)
The ancient male bonding ritual around the barbecue grill. (see post regarding "Christmas eve fajitas)

This was what I was so giddy about prior to Christmas. I kept trying to work on these-but they wouldn't quit coming over so I could work on them...
This was a food storage inventory I made for the families. Inside is a pantry, freezer and food storage planner.

wii got a wii!
Her exact words, "Okay mom, where there's poop-there's gotta be a pony!"

Talking to Elder Steve was great. When the phone rang, I said "hello." He said, "hello". And I rattled off...."hola, como estas m'ijo!" There was dead silence. I think he wondered if he had the right number. It cracked me up. We all took turns talking to him and everyone wanted him to speak Spanish but he wouldn't until TL initiated the conversation, then he would reply. He speaks very good Spanish. His brothers and sisters were cracking up listening to him.

So tomorrow I will post about why I am saving a tree today by all the cardboard I have recycled..............

Here's to hoping for a decent night's sleep......

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Jill said...

Love the aprons! What a cute idea.
I hope you get feeling better. At least you don't have to deal with 8" of snow;0)