Friday, December 28, 2007

La Oficina

My contribution to saving the earth..... all the cardboard packaging involved in our new office set up. TL & I decided our Christmas present was going to be a little visit to Ikea so we could set up our office furniture. I LOVE IT! As we were putting this little outfit together, we were discussing the geniusness of Ikea-everything is packaged perfectly-I have never missed a single screw anytime I have bought something there-their stuff is ingeniusly designed and really reasonably priced. So here's my home within my home-my office/craft room. There's still a little more tweaking of the decor that needs to happen-but if you know me, I am never lacking for a new project!

On to the health department news....I can now speak above a whisper but if I talk too much, I start coughing. (could this be some kind of evil plot to keep me quiet?) Arwen phoned me this morning and informed me that she thinks she has strep throat, Baby E. has pinkeye, Tres Yernos are devastated over the ASU loss, not sure how long it will take them to recover......

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LHammer said...

Your office looks great! I love IKEA too. Your house looks so different. Was the office part of the remodel? It looks bigger.

Love ya!