Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just another day

I have spent most of the day so far in the car, running around getting a few more Christmas gifts, I have driven over 50 miles! For what, you ask? Well, it's a secret.......I spent most of yesterday working at home on Christmas projects......more secrets....tee hee!

Since it is so gloomy and cold (at least for AZ) I had a yummy lunch of my homemade vegie barley soup and I am going to attempt to have a healthy dinner tonight with this: I have a ham bone and will dump it all into the pressure cooker and hope for the best! So here's hoping the teenagers won't rebel......I'm doin' my darndest to keep them healthy despite themselves.

Note***When you have a large family there is ALWAYS someone who hates the dinner. It doesn't matter what you cook........So I have always tried to please as many of the masses as possible and the rest can starve! (maybe that's why there is always food hidden away.........)

Later: They ate it! Not a lot, but they ate it...woo hoo. It was absolutely delish!!!

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Allyson said...

OH Auntie Marilyn...you crack me up! Can't wait till Christmas is over so I can see all these fabulous, SECRET gifts you have been doing.