Monday, December 31, 2007

Reflections of 2007

Gosh-I've been so blessed this year....

Some great times with family.

The birth of two beautiful granddaughters,

Travel to some beautiful places in the world.

The opportunity to send my son off to serve the Lord for two years.

All of TL's hard work for the last couple of years is paying glad for him (and me too!)

Health and strength-being forced to make changes because of a bad back and tummy.
And finally, the opportunity to know Him better......
Happy New Year!


angieinpink said...

Such a fun post, complete with pictures & all. I love your blog. I'm looking forward to a brand new year, but this passed one has been a good one...i concur. You're the cutest!

JustRandi said...

This is the year I want to have next year! !
well, except the grandchildren. I need sons in law first!
I'm so glad it was a great year for you!!