Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Traditions #4 and #225

This morning while perusing my blog, I realized that I had spaced out and skipped #4 Holiday tradition. Perhaps that is a sign of the state of my brain these days! So I have randomly selected a number so those of you who are keeping track, will be completely confused.

Tradition #4
Jammies. A few years ago I started doing matching jammies for all the big people. I buy the same jammies in XXXL and use the fabric to make jammies for the little ones. This photo was from two years ago-somebody has lost my photo from last year!

Tradition #225
In keeping with the jammies theme, it just wouldn't be Christmas if I wasn't sitting in front of the sewing machine for hours-I mean-it just wouldn't. I don't know why-but I have to make something every Christmas. It started years ago when I made my little sisters some Barbie "campers" out of cardboard boxes and leftover fabric. I think I was about 8-9 years old. Creating homemade gifts for Christmas has been happening ever since-to one degree or another, depending upon how far advanced in pregnancy I was at the time or how much I was working.

Well, I'm off to go visiting teaching and check off a few more things on my list!

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