Thursday, January 24, 2008

Awash in Memories

Today as I was dutifully sorting out my laundry, I had an epiphany of sorts....Why, this is not just a pile of work, why this is a stroll down memory lane! (more about the size of my pile later)

That pile of stinky workout clothes?

Why, it is just a symbol of goals achieved!

That unsightly stain on your white shirt?

Why that's just a memory of a Mexican food dinner you had with the family!

Those dirt encrusted socks?

Why that's just a memory of creating something beautiful in my yard!

When I come home from trips with my piles of laundry, well, I can remember all the places we went, things we did, people we met......

See, it's not drudgery-It's a memory!!
I make no mention of bodily fluids...those memories are best left suppressed..

(My piles of laundry are considerably smaller than a few years ago. Any child in my house over the age of 12-14 is required to do their own laundry-and well, the size of our household is much smaller. I never could figure out which was best-doing the laundry all in one day-or doing a few loads a always seemed to never end!)

Now what is this a symbol of?

The sign of a creative genius?
A kid that is too busy to pick up his own clothes?
The symbol of my teaching inadequacy as a mother?
(If anyone has any answers to this question-please advise immediately)


jen said...

Oh Mom, you're so philisophical! I suppose laundry is best viewed this way...I'm not sure which is better either, all at once or spread out, but it is definately never ending. In fact, I'd better get to folding some right now & quit playing on the 'puter.

The MomBabe said...

Bah. Laundry is a necessary evil...

Maybe when I don't do everyone's I'll like it more....maybe....

Suzie said...

I am going downstairs right now to face my laundry pile with a newfound outlook.


stinky socks=sweet son