Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Holy Vitamins!

Since we have had such pleasant weather-rain included-I have been enjoying myself just puttering around the house and playing catch up on all the stuff that needs to be done now and then, you know, stuff like laundry, picking up things that have been stacked on flat surfaces for weeks and putting them away, putting about 20 finished scrapbook layouts in albums finally.....just stuff like that. I haven't had a chance to go check on all my babies in the garden but when I checked today----holy phytochemicals----look at this!

and this!

(the picture is turned wrong) AND THIS!

Wow-are we ever going to have a healthy meal tonight! The only problem is, half the family only likes raw broccoli and the other half likes only cooked broccoli.......(and how shall I split up the 10 peas between each family member?)


The UPS man has been very nice to me today. He brought me my glue dots:

He also brought me something else very cool which I will post about tomorrow.......

AND... (sorry for the length of this post)

Another bit of HUGE excitement for me was a phone call today:
Me: Hello.
Person: Habla espanol?
(I think 0h-oh-these calls make me nervous-I have to try really hard to listen and think now)
Me: Poquito....(a little) Quien habla? (who is speaking)
Person: Soy Juan Carlos. (I'm Juan Carlos)
Me: Juan Carlos de Peru? (we know someone named Juan Carlos in Peru-I think anybody that knows anybody hispanic knows someone named Juan Carlos)
Juan: No, de Nashville Tennesse...
Me: (I am screaming in delight, trying to put together a coherent sentence in Spanish, knowing this is someone who my son baptized!)

Turns out this Juan Carlos thinks Elder Steve is un hijo bueno, etc. etc. I had a lovely chat with him today. He is calling back tonight to speak to mi esposo (TL) who has a MUCH better command of the language than I do.


Allyson said...

You crack me up! I'm glad you have your year supply of glue dots! You should put a countdown clock on your blog for the return of Elder Larsen. I know my mom and dad loved talking to families that my brother baptised....fun, fun, fun!

Allyson said...

Hey, one more thing.....I don't know if I mentioned this but one of my friends has a brother on a mission. She set up this blog so that her brother could keep all the family and friends caught up. I think its cool.....maybe Elder Steve would like this??? Take a look at the blog-----www.elderthompson.blogspot.com

jen said...

Wow mom! The kids will be beggin for broccoli the next time we come over! BTW, I LOVE the pic of the peas...very artistic & they almost look yummy! (just kiddin, I think that FRESH peas probably actually are yummy)

angieinpink said...

okay...so, you and my mom {might} be related. she calls her plants "babies" too...and uses the word "putter" very often. I love it.

how fun that you saw david sing! ya, him & rachel pretty much rock the house with their voices. {let's just say, i didn't so much catch that gene}...

oh my goodness...the fruits of your labors in the garden are awesome!!! yummy!

happy phone call, that's so awesome!...sorry for the lengthy comment...{smile}