Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Surprise

I just got a text message from my daughter, Arwen, saying:

Dear Mom, I am very annoyed that you haven't posted about your surprise from the UPS man yet......

heee heee haa haa. this is the child who says she NEVER has time to read my blog....(should I make her wait longer?) hee hee haa haa.

Okay-I won't. Here's my cool new surprise for my office:
The Bedford Charging Station from Pottery Barn....(i ordered black)
I guess I am just a Pottery Barn girl at heart without a Pottery Barn budget, but I JUST had to have this nifty thing-it can charge a bunch of stuff and contains all the wires neatly and just looks so much better on a table top than a bunch of wires stringing around everywhere. Isn't that too cool?

Okay-glad I made Arwen happy.........


jen said...

I am DYING of jealousy!!! They have one of those that hangs on your wall as well. They are SOOO cool! I know Arwen wants one too! Argh! I'm SUCH a Pottery Barn girl...wish I could afford it. :( If I could my WHOLE HOUSE would be the PB catalog. ;)

angieinpink said...

oooo...that looks like FUN! i approve of your purchase! (:

your sisters blog is going to be VERY entertaining...I can tell!

Allyson said...

Yeah, I'm glad the blogging is spreading....hopefully it will keep going. And I like the new PB thing...very cool. They sent you white, when you ordered black????? I am a Pottery Barn, pier one, lover of really nice things person living on a Deseret Industries budget...but its nice to splurge once in a while.