Sunday, January 27, 2008

Par-tay 2008

Tonight was the monthly family birthday Par-tay. Due to the large size of the family and the inevitable growing larger of it *, we decided to get together once a month to celebrate birthdays of everyone who was born in that month. So tonight was the first par-tay of 2008...hip hip hooray.....Here's my babies who were born in Jan....(I did not personally give birth to all of them, but hey-they belong to me!)

The next birthday will be a biggie because it's Baby B's first! Can't believe it!

Ooh, she's just on the verge of walking....look out mama!
*Our family has increased in size by at least one person every other year since 1997....look out 2009 - rumor has it that at least 3 of the 4 girls are in a conspiracy to give birth that least Elder Steve won't be bringing home a wife.......


Allyson said...

What a great idea! It does seem to be a bit tricky to get everyone's bday in. I am a January b-day too. Happy Birthday Jessica and Cassandra!

Jolene George said...

Marilyn...that is such a great idea to celebrate all the birthdays of that month.
It will be strange when all my kids are married, to see how fast our family will grow...just like yours! :o)

angieinpink said...

I like the birthday idea as well. Your babe is a cutie! Walk girl, walk!