Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Prayer Works

Prayer works. I woke up this morning thinking about that. You see, I have had kind of a little problem, not a major one, sorta like a hang nail or a zit that bugs you but it is not life threatening. It was really bugging me yesterday-to the point that I was fretting and fuming and near tears about it-and I said, "Father, PLEASE fix this! I can't figure out what to do."

So anyway, later that day, well, I had a tiny answer to that prayer, a little light at the end of the tunnel.....not earth shattering...but enough that I thought, well, okay-this is really good!

Another one of my prayers lately has been to have more patience with my teenagers.

And of course today, I have had PLENTY of opportunities to practice patience with my teenagers.........{sigh}

Yep, Prayer Works.....