Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How Many Middle Aged Women Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?

Step 1: Look up and see light burned out in vaulted ceiling.
Step 2: Go get box of light bulbs in container in pantry.
Step 3: Go to garage to get 8 foot ladder so middle aged woman can reach lightbulb.
Step 4: Open garage door because new car in garage is so large, middle aged woman must walk around car to get access to 8 foot ladder on other side of garage.
Step 5: Get ladder.
Step: 6: Set ladder up, climb up carefully because said middle aged woman is slightly afraid of heights.
Step 7: Change light bulb.
Step 8: Climb carefully down ladder so as not to disturb middle aged woman’s equilibrium, carefully balancing burned out bulb so as not to drop it and break it into a zillion pieces.
Step 9: Take ladder back to garage, walking around car.
Step 10: Reverse Step 4.


velvet brick said...

Hi Marilyn! I'm glad you stop by and visit me and glad you left your comment - as well as being a fellow admirer of that beautiful moon! Your blog is great and I'm glad you visited mine so that I could come by and visit you! LOL...too funny about the light bulb...but, true! : )

Allyson said...

ONLY one! We women, middle aged or not, only need one!

Nancy Face said...

My answer: Zero middle aged women!

Step 1: Leave burned out light bulb in socket until Hubby notices it.
Step 2: Watch in satisfaction as Hubby replaces it.

Works for me every time! ;)
(I once fell off an extension ladder and broke my wrist quite severely...BEFORE that, I wasn't afraid of climbing ladders, but now...)