Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I've been Tagged

Yes, I have been tagged by the lovely Allyson.....She wants me to post 3 main dish here goes....


Take one small pan of water.
Fill it nearly to the top and put it on to boil.
When boiling furiously, throw in package of ramen noodles.
Boil until it bubbles over on top of ceramic stove.
Dump in seasoning mix.
Eat in very large bowl.


Open one can of Spagettios with meatballs
Put in dish.
Microwave until half of contents of dish explodes and petrifies on inside of microwave.
Take out of oven-careful it's HOT!


Open package of Doritos, Fritos corn chips
Spread liberal amount on plate.
Spread liberal amount of cheese on top of chips.
Microwave until cheese is melted and stringy.
Pour liberal amounts of salsa on top.

Sorry Ally, I am WAY tired tonight---I promise I will come up with something spectacular in a couple of days......Love ya!

1 comment:

jen said...

LOL, Mom you just described Bubba D's diet! Ahhh, brings back memories.